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IMVU mod APK is a totally 3D liFe-based app. In this app, you can control your character. This game provides you real-life experience of the virtual world. Modify your character according to your choice. You can control everything in your game. In this APK you can chat with your friends from all over the world. This app is free to play
In this mod app, you can get unlimited credits. You can run this application without any interruption. This game developed by IMvu company.there are millions of downloads of this game.

Features IMVU mod APK

unlimited resources
Many things in this app are purchasable like hairstyle out feat pads and much more. This mood APK you can get these things in free. You can use these resources without any restrictions. The features of this app are completely unlocked in this aPK
Unlimited credits
Credits are purchasable in this app but in our cracked version these are free to use you cannot pay any penny on these credits because these are free in this cracked version.


I have been playing this game for years. It is a fun game and a great way to meet new people from all over the world. However, it is important to know that if you are playing on android, ALL of your feed posts will have the WORST quality as IMVU has admitted to showing preference for Apple and iPhone. If you want good feed posts you have to use the client (imvu next) or pc, otherwise expect really poor quality photo uploads. Also, IMVU picks favorites for discovery, so you might not get featured.

I been part of the imvu community for many years and have enjoyed it. However, over the years imvu has not made any significant changes to keep up with the world times in terms of graphic technology and internet application. I have seen other sites that have made leaps and bounds on their virtual world apps. Imvu, keep up with the changes give us something new. Like microphone abilities in our private rooms. Fix chatrooms to allow adults to open worlds with maps and give the kids their own world.




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