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Are you tired of watching TV by putting an effort of moving yourself to that specific area where your TV is placed, just to watch your favorite stuff that you can not afford losing a single broadcast. To release you from such efforts TV TAP Pro Apk has presented a live TV on your phone.


Yes, you read right. With TVTAP Pro Apk you can watch millions of channels Live on your device. This apk has made the life easier. You do not have to move from your bed room to TV lounge for watching any sort of Entertainment. Just use this application in order to prevent the hassle.


As you are all well aware that every body now a days carry their own gadgets with in their pockets. If you are away from home exactly at your show timing. There is no need to hassle when you have such a great opportunity at your doorstep.

TVTAP Pro Apk has made life easier with its quick access on all types of smartphones, tablets etc. With its Live streaming of different channels more than 750+ channels in different, it has won million of hearts. You can stream live from all over the World, which includes popular TV shows from USA, England, India, Russia, Portugal, Italy, Germany etc.

You can watch anything you want. Ranging from Kids to older people, it includes all stuffs for every age. You can watch cartoons, animated movies, movies, TV shows, News, Sports, music and many more.

And an advantage of downloading this application is that it is very lightweight and does not require enough space. If you have any storage space issue then your issue is resolved now. Simply download this lovely apk and enjoy yourself to your best.

TVTAP Pro Apk Features

This beautiful apk has numerous features that you will get as an advantage. What comes when you are enjoying your shows on your smartphones. That you can easily move around because of next stiffness. Below given are some features you should know before downloading.

No membership plan

As you know that top leading video streaming platform charge for their specific plans. I mean its a lot of money that you give for buying a subscription. But this tvtap pro is totally free of cost. There is no subscription plan for using it. Just download this apk and get started.

Easy to use

There are tons of applications that are very hard for some people to use. But TVTAP Pro is on another level. Its operating very simple and easy as well. Layman can easily control it through its manuals.


Being lightweight is a plus point for every application existing today. Most of the apks needs a lot of storage space which results in hanging of smartphones and deletion of some other application from your device in order to make room for them.

TVTAP Pro Apk is very lightweight and takes 30 Mb of your space.


This apk shares the schedule of every Broadcast that is happening or about to happen. If you are interested in any of such broadcast and don’t know the timings then check in the schedule. You can also set reminder for that.

Regular addition of New Channels

This apk adds new channels when they are introduced on Television.

Supports Chromecast

Tvtap pro apk supports Chromecast.

Simple Interface

Some of the live streaming apps has very difficult interface. Tvtap pro has won the hearts with its simple and elegant interface. It boosts user experience in finding new channels.

Add to favorites

Suppose there is something favorite on some channel. In order to save time, you can add that channel to your favorite and then you can easily access that particular channel.

Recently watched list

Something you have watched yesterday was your favorite but you forget to remember which channel streamed that. You can go to recently watched list and there you can find content.

Totally Buffering Free

What is more frustrating than a buffering video. This has decreased users experience. With this application, you can watch anything buffer free.

Build in media player

To stream live, this tvtap pro apk has in built media player. You can use other players too like MX Player etc.


Tvtap pro Apk is compatible with Android, iOS, PS, Mac, Fire TV, Kindle Fire devices, Android TV Boxes etc.

No Root Required

This apk also works best on non rooted devices. TVTAP Pro does not require root for installation.

HD Quality

Every channel they you came across will be in HD Quality.

Ads free

Most of the downloaded applications have ads in it which is quite irritating for the viewer. Tvtap pro apk is totally ads free.

How To Download and Install TVTAP Pro Apk

Downloading method is very Simple just like other applications. Follow the instructions below regarding downloading and installation.

  • Click the download button
  • File will start Downloading.

After successful download, next step is installation.

  • Go to Settings and click on Security button
  • Allow Installation from Unknown Sources
  • Then open the Downloaded file. There will be an option of installing the file. Click there.
  • After completion of that process, click on Done Button.
  • File will be successfully installed


  • Stable internet connection
  • Android Requirement 4.0 and up

Final Verdict

Being a blogger I have came across many applications. But TVTAP Pro Apk is the best among all. As this apk gives you live streaming of more than 750 channels around the globe. No one has ever done this before. This apk has proven very beneficial in reducing stress and anxiety because of entertainment in your hands.

I would suggest you to use this application because it has numerous worthy featured that you would definitely love. As it cost nothing. Downloading is totally free without any subscription plan. Enjoy your kind of Entertainment.

General FAQ’S

Does TVTap Pro for Android support casting apps?

Yes, it does supports casting apps like Chromecast, Airplay etc, for casting content to different screens.

Is it safe to use TVTap Pro APK?

Yes, it is totally safe to use this apk. As there is no root required to use this apk and above all this app does not have any bug that is why it is totally safe to use.

Is TVTap Pro APK free?

Yes, it is fee of cost. And also it does not have any subscription plan. You can watch more than 750 channels across the globe.

What does TVTap Pro APK offer?

TVTAP Pro Apk offers movies, TV Shows, News, Cartoons, Sports, animated movies and many more. It also offers live streaming of all such shows.

What is the latest Version of TVTap Pro Apk?

Its current version is 2.5.

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