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A solid foundation in accounting is essential to the success of the business. It is a matter of practicing good accounting practices and using the appropriate tools today, not tomorrow. This is more so since the COVID-19 epidemic has brought up more complicated scenarios like managing remote workers having fewer customers, lower advertising budgets, and the usual issues when trying to balance the books. When you are mulling over the possibilities of expanding your business, one of the first steps is to get the best financial software to start at a low cost, and then expand with the most advanced software.

The article we’ll discuss the top 20 accounting software designed for small-scale businesses according to our experts. Their benefits, features as well as pricing will be reviewed. A lot of these options are more alike than other hosting services, including general ledger management invoices, along with payment processing. But it’s the tiny factors that can be the deciding factor (e.g. scalability and support, as well as reliability) So, pay close attention.

Before the COVID-19 epidemic, we saw a growth in the usage of accounting software. However, at the exact same time, we found just 37% of accountants utilize cloud-based accounting software. This is thought to be an enormous gap, especially in light of the growing demands from companies to be more flexible. Cloud-based accounting solutions give accountants and companies with the ideal platform for doing this. The data revealed that at this point the majority of accountants aren’t enthusiastic about changing to the cloud.

Then COVID-19 forced them to change to the cloud. The pandemic struck an all-time high of +33 percent rise in IT workload and shifted to cloud. With social distancing protocols as well as remote work settings, many companies and professionals began to realize the fact that cloud computing tools can give accountants an edge in technology.

They not only permit users to address issues and opportunities instantly, but also offer an in-depth support service. This is due to the fact that many cloud accounting software providers are committed to giving their customers highly customized tools that are specifically tailored to their requirements.

Purchasing web-based software solutions are not just a one-size-fits-all-you-pay-get-on-your-way deal. Cloud-based software providers are typically more concerned about their clients’ performance than their strict on-premise counterparts. This is due to the fact that they understand that their success is contingent on your success. It’s definitely a plus to include them in your team.

20 Top Accounting Software for Small Business

The first item on our list of the top 20 accounting software designed for small-scale businesses is an accounting tool that is known for its ability to make managing finances simple. FreshBooks allows users to deal with subscriptions and recurring invoices effortlessly. It allows online payment collection through credit or debit cards as well as PayPal as well as Google Checkout. This software works seamlessly with well-known business applications, making it possible to have simplified procedures. Since it’s an entire suite, the requirement of additional applications is totally eliminated. It provides users with total control of their financial operations and all from one screen.

To make the application more efficient, the developer saw that its most recent version is equipped with advanced features to enhance the capabilities of financial management for users. The dashboard allows for simple modification while security of data isn’t a problem since backups that are secure are regularly made to ensure that information of users is safe at all times. Charges are guaranteed to be precise with the system, and it also permits users to use Android and iOS applications to monitor outside work hours.

FreshBooks is available for purchase at a range of price options starting at $15 per month.

What’s unique about FreshBooks?

  1. Simple, yet effective solution that is simple but powerful. FreshBooks’ latest version is designed to be more user-friendly, however advanced features were added into the platform. A modern interface is now included with the program and collaboration between team members is now encouraged which results in better productivity.
  2. Mobile optimized. FreshBooks includes mobile extensions for devices running Android and iOS that allow users to access their information at any time and from anywhere.
  3. Online payment. The time tracking feature of the tool is intended for use in billing, which allows companies to be paid online via a variety of payment processors.
  4. Inexpensive invoice for payment. For small-scale businesses, FreshBooks provides the ability to invoice and pay. Users can determine exactly that a client opened an invoice, which is beneficial in catching clients who claim that the invoice never reached them.
  5. The management of billing history. The platform has tools that permit the recording of both recent and old invoices. Invoices that are not paid can be retrieved instantly with this function.
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NetSuite ERP

NetSuite ERP includes a general ledger as well as other financial tools, including sales, eCommerce marketing, and sales to expand your company. Sales tools include an email manager that can help you control leads, manage communications to track pipeline of sales, create quotes, and connect calendars to your teams to improve collaboration. The eCommerce component incorporates order management, fulfillment and processing of orders. A tool for managing inventory manages your inventory and shipping modules allows you to choose options that you can incorporate when your requirements grow.

A sophisticated, stylish dashboard lets you have the ability to access KPIs. You can access it all from every mobile phone. A file manager allows you to collaborate and complete any project, as well as a powerful tool for reporting and an application that allows you to export or import data depending on the situation. The user-friendly dashboard allows you to see everything in a single glance. It’s designed to be accessible to even the most novice of users, meaning that you and your team can concentrate on your company rather than worrying about your software.

What’s unique about NetSuite ERP?

  1. Made for your business. NetSuite ERP for small companies is a budget-friendly package of robust solutions that are easy to expand to meet your needs and deploy quickly. It’s easy to set up and comes with an interface that doesn’t have to deal with a complicated set-up.
  2. A single tool that can manage everything. With a strong financial foundation and modules for marketing, sales and commerce that include order management as well with a myriad of other capabilities essential to your business the first step in your business should not be about searching for a third-party software to integrate, but all about the actual needs of your clients.
  3. You can instantly determine the presence of something. The program puts all important business indicators for you to use and you won’t need to be unsure of your next step.
  4. Modern and completely mobile. If you’ve got an internet connection as well as an incredibly mobile tablet or smartphone or laptop, then NetSuite is with you no matter where you are.
  5. Set up once and then run. Once you’ve configured NetSuite ERP, all you must do is let it manage your business, not trying to resolve software issues. Cloud access reduces the expense of owning the software.
  6. QuickBooks Online
    QuickBooks Online is an accounting software specifically designed for small companies and freelancers, as it makes the most difficult accounting processes. It is now a sought-after tool for bookkeepers, accountants and small business owners and finance managers. With up to five users the full features of the application can be used. However, the functionality is restricted for packages that have no limit on the number of users.
    The most significant benefit is that it seamlessly syncs business profiles onto an integrated dashboard where several users can see the reports and accounts of corporate clients. It’s capable of creating profit and loss , invoices, trade sheets and billing, which can be accessed via mobile devices. Custom feeds and reports can also be made through the dashboard. Some of the most well-known integrations include Quickbooks Online Payroll and Intuit GoPayment.
    The application is available with a range of pricing options that start at $18 per month. Free trial versions are available for those wanting to test the features of the app for the first time.
    What’s unique about QuickBooks Online?

    1. Management of accounts. The application provides users with access to the accounting data and lets them create, edit, share and duplication of this information with other parties.
    2. Accessibility online. Users can sign in to the system anywhere there is Internet access , without the requirement to install any additional software. The creation of custom feeds and charts is also done.
    3. Secure backups as well as security. All accounting data is secure saved in cloud. The information can be accessed or exported into Excel spreadsheets.
    4. Support and updates. Every subscription package comes with support starting at the moment of setup. Updates and regular updates are also available.

What’s unique about QuickBooks Online?

  1. Accounting management. The application gives users access to the accounting data and permits the creation of, editing, sharing and duplication of that information with the relevant parties.
  2. Accessibility online. Users can sign in to the system from anywhere with Internet access , without the requirement to install any additional software. The creation of feeds that can be customized and charts can be achieved.
  3. Backups and security. All accounting data is secure saved in cloud. They can be accessed by users and exported into Excel spreadsheets.
  4. Support and updates. Every subscription package comes with support beginning at the moment of setup. Updates and regular updates are also available.



Tipalti Tipalti HTML0 is an online software for managing and automating payments which is known for its ability to help companies meet deadlines with precision. It helps to solve issues which include non-compliance with regulations, late payments, over-burdened administrative and issues resulting due to human errors. The time spent on managing finances can be reduced significantly, which solves one of the most pressing issues accounting teams face.

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Apart from that the software is able to help businesses automatize their payments operations across the globe and can cover tasks such as onboarding to tax compliance. It has the capacity to streamline the process of processing payments in 180 countries. By using the software, businesses are able to rest assured that they’re in compliance with the current legal and tax regulations without any human involvement. The customer and vendor experience are also improved as is the quality of service.

Tipalti is accessible on a price-quote basis. Anyone who is interested should contact the vendor for an individual quote.

What is unique in Tipalti?

  1. Automated payment. The system can automate up to 50% of the payment processing across more than 190 countries. It’s a top solution for reconciliation as well as financial reporting as well as AP. It integrates data across many payment gateways.
  2. Facilitation of payment. The software facilitates payment faster than you could ever imagine. Customers can pay in 120 currencies, 190 nations and 6 payment options. It comes with a sophisticated payment system that offers a variety of financial control options.
  3. Tax compliance. The application collects W-9 as well as W-8 tax forms in order to be in a position to withhold payments for non-compliant payers. This prevents the making from making payments to criminals. Additionally, the program makes forms easily while also calculating the proper tax.
  4. Advanced Reporting. This product is a great payment reporting system that produces precise reports on reconciliation of payments. The system is able to do this with little intervention from the managers.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Cloud-based accounting and management of invoicing software Sage Business Cloud Accounting is specifically designed for small-sized businesses. Its main functions are the management of compliance, accounting as well as expense control. What separates Sage Business Cloud Accounting apart from its sibling application Sage 50c is the fact that it’s an add-on which allows the integration of the two apps into the cloud, which results with cloud-based storage as well as easy access to all accounting records. This is what is what makes Sage Business Cloud Accounting better than ever before.

The dashboards, graphs and overviews of transactions give users an enlightening view of what their company is running at any time, anyplace. It will create historical records of sales and purchases as well as statements from banks, which can be extremely useful for controlling cash flows. The app is accessible on smartphones, providing users a live look at customer information and the ability to keep notes at any moment.

What is unique in Sage Business Cloud Accounting?

  1. Accounting software for small-sized firms. Sage Business Cloud Accounting is targeted towards small-sized companies that allow them to handle the accounting tasks of all kinds. It assists users in managing the process of making payments, such as estimates, invoicing, and estimates. It also offers cost-effective pricing options, making it ideal for companies with the tightest budget.
  2. Cloud storage and access. The integration of the app with Sage 50c gives it cloud storage capabilities and also allows users to access all accounting information.
  3. Robust is a platform that operates on one dashboard. The platform allows users to access account information available on its dashboard, and keeps users updated on receivables as well as cash flow.
  4. Tax management. Sage Business Cloud Accounting also functions as a tax administration tool that calculates taxes precisely based on transaction data. It is able to forecast cash flow, which allows users to predict the need for cash.
  5. Mobile optimization. The platform includes Android and iOS applications that are used in the creating in the creation of invoices and expense records and for viewing graphs that reflect the performance of your business. Integration with third-party applications is also feasible.


AvidXchange is a financial platform that was designed to aid B2B businesses with controlling their account payable as well as bill payments. This way, you can efficiently eliminate the need for paper invoices. Additionally you can cut down on your time and effort by automatizing what could otherwise be long-running payments.

There are other parts in addition to allow the software to be comprehensive and capable of helping you with your entire account and financial matters. Some examples include AvidXchange’s purchase orders module and workflow for approval. It is possible to use the purchase order software for ensuring that your company’s backend functions smoothly, continuously and with a constant supply of essential items. In addition, you can use the approval process to ensure that your staff receives the materials they require fast.

What is special in AvidXchange?

  1. Made for B2B. This solution is popular with B2B companies due to the fact that it was specifically designed to be used by B2B organizations specifically.
  2. Electronic invoices. Paper invoices are a waste of time and prone to mistakes, and easily lost or lost. AvidXchange solves this issue through its electronic invoice function that saves you money and allows you to keep precise documents.
  3. Automatic bill payment. If you miss paying your bill for even one day, you could already be penalized. You can prevent this from happening through the software’s automatic payment feature.
  4. Security of the platform. AvidXchange assures you that your data is secure in the event of system failures as well as natural catastrophes.
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Rossum is a sophisticated software account payable solution that is a complete document management system. The AI-powered platform can take automated accounts payable to the highest level , eliminating the majority of manual tasks. Rossum eliminates the manual entry of invoice data through the use of the company’s own technology for computer vision that scans and records all kinds of invoices at top speed and accuracy.

All the documents required for the accounts payable process regardless of whether they are paper-based or digital are gathered by Rossum from a variety of sources including DMS systems as well as email inboxes. All documents are then processed to remove duplicates, spam and other irrelevant data to create an organized and clean collection of all transactions documented. Filtering the documents is easy thanks to Rossum’s cognitive data capture that recognizes different kinds of invoices and every piece of information which needs to be taken out of the documents.

Additionally Rossum’s AI engine is self-learning, making it able to adjust to adjustments and changes for the processing of invoices and other forms of documentation.

What’s unique about Rossum?

  1. Artificial intelligence that self-learns. Rossum’s capability to adapt to changes during collecting invoices and data extraction, match of purchase orders and much other things makes it a better platform for making accounts payable processes more efficient.
  2. Capture of cognitive information. This technology is exclusive in Rossum and is designed to mimic the way that the human mind recognizes and records information from documents.
  3. independent communications and decision making. One of the most significant benefits that comes with using Rossum is that you no longer need to keep track of your business suppliers, partners, vendors, suppliers, etc. concerning their invoices or other documents. Rossum instantly informs external parties about the status of documents they’ve sent. If there are any issues in the documents they have sent, Rossum also automatically reaches out to other parties to seek clarification.


Plooto is a highly efficient payment processing system that offers an end-to-end automation of AP/AR for bookkeepers and accountants. The ability to manage all aspects of cashflow is the best thing this platform can do. It makes sure that each payment is made on time and with no delay due to intelligent approvals.

Furthermore, it lets you to set approval levels based on the amount of the bill, and also assign the approval role to trusted lieutenants. This is done without letting go of control over the flow of cash through the records-keeping and audit trail tools. In addition, Plooto allows you to pay electronically in over 30 different countries across the globe. The company offers a complete trial for free to help you get familiar with the capabilities.


On the other hand, Plooto was designed by Plooto to allow rapid and convenient payments that are quick and easy. Options like the Pre-Authorized Deposit (PAD) agreement provide an easy method of receiving payments without a lot of effort. This is not all. The platform will automatically import invoicing from the accounting program, and then sends an order in order to pay your customers. The client can make payments easily and without sharing banking details.

What’s unique about Plooto?

  1. Powerful approval workflows. No matter if you’re outsourcing accounting departments or distant payment approvals staff, there’s no reason to worry. Plooto’s workflow tools for approvals and the custom-designed approval tiers function in conjunction and allow you to establish clearly defined roles for each individual to speed up the approval process and remove any obstructions.
  2. Audit trail as well as records keeping. By using the audit trail it is possible to designate approval roles for various people and monitor the whole process. The platform stores information about every payment, which means you are aware of who has approved what and the date.
  3. Automated reconciliation of accounts. Additionally, Plooto works harmoniously with the accounting software currently available. In this way, whenever the payment is made or money is transferred into an account on your behalf, those information are automatically synchronized into your accounting program. In the end, it will instantly reconcile your bank accounts and doesn’t require any human effort to accomplish this.
  4. Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) agreement. It is a fascinating Plooto feature is designed to streamline the payment of regular charges. For instance, using PAD and the features that allow recurring payments property managers are able to agree to automatically debit funds from the tenant’s account whenever the rent due. Each tenant is automatically notified of receipts and in the event that the payments fail the property manager is notified to take the appropriate steps.
  5. contact management. Additionally, Plooto makes it easy to manage contacts of the client within a centralized system.

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