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Want to download Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK? Don’t go anywhere as you are exactly at the right place. We provide you with the latest MOD version of your favorite game. Now you will easily be able to beat your friends by having access to unlimited everything, Max 52 Level, resources, and weapons. The SF3 MOD APK that we will provide you here has some of the latest features. So do not hesitate and jump up to be the best among your friends with the unlocked items, money, and characters that come with this MOD

Shadow Fight 3 Mod

Shadow fight 3 is the third installment of the series of games “Shadow fight”. This is a 3D multiplayer RPG Android game that enables you to play with your many friends online. Shadow fight 3 is developed by Nekki. With more than 50 million downloads, this game is one of the most popular ones out there. Of course, with the new and improved graphics, new locations, and characters, this game is absolutely breathtaking. You will be so immersed in it that you will forget everything. I am already addicted!

Train and improve your warrior and win as many fights as you want. Unlock more items on the way as well! This game is available on both Android and IOS absolutely free.

Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK – Unlimited Gems and Shadow Energy

With this MOD of your favorite game, you will get tons of advantages over your enemies. You will be getting unlimited coins, unlimited gems, level 52 max, lots of cool items unlocked, and frozen enemies. Exciting isn’t it? We will be explaining it all right here right now. So keep reading this blog to know more about these crazy Shadow fight 3 hacks.

Downloading the mod file is very simple. To download the Shadow Fight 3 Mod, Click on the Download Button Given above.

download shadow fight 3 mod

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Features of Shadow Fight 3 MOD

The MOD APK file in on itself is 107 MB which isn’t a lot of space considering the fact that a lot of phones nowadays have at least 32 GB size. This MOD is completely free and available on the google play store. Oh and yeah, did I mention that you do not require any root for this MOD APK? This is just the start of the show. This MOD has tons of other hacks that will enhance your shadow fight 3 experience to the next level.

Not only you will get unlimited money and gems, but also you will be able to unlock all the items in this game. This app will easily auto-update, with no need for rooting on the device. It is totally compatible with all the android versions and is completely safe.

But there’s another hack that comes with this MOD, whoever opponent you hit when they are in the middle of their jump will freeze! This will allow you to hit them with as many combos as you want until they get completely destroyed. Just keep one thing in mind that you shouldn’t hit while you jump as this will cause you to freeze as well.

shadow fight 3 mod features

Application Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK
Platform Android
Price Free
Rood Required NO
Ads No
Size 104 MB
Updated on 19/03/2021
Version 1.24.2
Main Features
  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited gems
  • Unlocked special items
  • Freeze bug
  • NO ADS

Coins are the common currency of this game and are used for purposes like upgrading items like cards. So, it is really important for you to be gathering a lot of these coins. Each starting player gets 900 of these, but what if you get unlimited of them at the start of your game?

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Why use Unlimited Coins and Gems?

shadow fight 3 mod apk with unlimited coins

You can do that by using our MOD. All you have to do is open this app and select the number of coins you want. It just takes a couple of minutes but you will be getting the premium stuff that you want.

Gems are the rather premium currency in the game. You can either get them from boss battles or you can get them via in-app purchases. They can be used to open booster packs, buying or upgrading items from the shop. Booster packs can give you lots of cool benefits, but they cost you tons of gems, so wouldn’t it be cool to have unlimited access to these bad boys via our MOD?

What items will you be Able to Unlock?

You will be able to unlock a lot of weapons, armor, and helms by using the app. This is really cool as most of these items are really expensive but hold a lot of value in the fights. Some of the special items that you will be able to unlock are:

  • Monkey king staff
  • Sin eater
  • Iron foliage
  • Snowstorm blades
  • Call of the cursed
  • Icy reaper
  • Monkey king outfit
  • Sakura phantom
  • Frozen dragon
  • Crimson thirst
  • Shadow of the snow
  • Eye of the reaper
  • Blossom mask
  • Steel focus

These are not all of the items that you will be able to unlock. To find out what more you can do on the Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK, you have to use it.

Why use our SF3 MOD APK?

After all, you have read in this blog so far, I think it is pretty much self-explanatory why you should be using our app. Cool items unlocked, unlimited supply of currencies, and special hacks like freeze, this is all you need to completely dominate the game among your friends. Any legion you play for will surely win, whether it is the military tribes, the Dynasty people, or the Heralds.

So, to completely bamboozle your buddies who may have been the older players in the game, you can easily show your dominance and take revenge for all the times they made fun of you for calling you a noob.

Installation Guide and Requirements For the Mod

There are few system requirements that you must have to enjoy the game without any lagging. These are the minimum requirement to play the game on your smartphone.

  • Your Device must have Android 5.0
  • Your Device Must have 3 GB Ram or More.
  • You Must have 110MB of Free Space

How to Check Device Specification?

Check our Detailed Guide on Device Specifications

Installation Guide

The installation process and pretty simple. All you have to do is follow these simple steps.

  • Uninstall Shadow fight 3 from your mobile phone
  • Download the hack APK file using this link
  • Go to security settings and allow the third-party apps on your phone
  • Now, go to the downloaded folder and click on the APK file to install
  • Simply install the Shadow fight 3 games now and experience the next level gameplay.

If you are struggling to allow unknown resources Follow our guide.


What’s the new version of shadow fight 3 mod APK?

The latest version of shadow fight 3 mod is 1.24.2.

Where to download SF3 MOD?

You can Download SF3 mod from

Can I hack the game?

Yes, with our Shadow Fight 3 MOD, you will be able to get unlimited perks because the game is unlocked

Is it dangerous to download this file?

Most people think that these APK files contain spyware or viruses that are malicious to your phone, but we assure you this file is completely safe for use. You can count on us!

Is it safe to use the SF3 Mod?

Our app may be able to hack the game, but we cannot claim that it will fool the main system. If you abuse this hack and play it a lot more, there are chances that you will get banned. So, to be in the safe zone, do not use it more than 3 times a day.

Will it provide unlimited resources and max out my level?

It is an obvious fact that when you have control over all the resources, you are like the king. So it is sure that you will reach the maximum potential. Just make sure that you do not overkill by overusing the file so much that the system detects the hack and bans you for violating their policies.



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