Mind-Blowing Minecraft Cheats & Hacks

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The name Minecraft is so famous that almost every gamer around the world knows about it. Minecraft can be considered one of the most successful franchise games ever made. 

Sources suggest that this sandbox-building game earned revenue of up to $415 million in 2020. To be precise, it has almost 131 million active users in a month. 

The popularity of this mind-blowing game forced the users to think differently and play it by using hacking tricks. Minecraft Cheats was tried by several users, and a few of them are amazing.

5 Mind-Blowing Minecraft Hacks

If you are a gamer, you will love to play Minecraft by cheating. Here are five popularly used Minecraft cheats that you will find excellent and worth trying. 

They are so game-breaking that you will find them enjoyable. If you want to play the game to try hacks, you can simply download it from thenewpiratebay.

1. The Invincible Hack

This hack will allow your character to be invulnerable in front of the enemies and their onslaughts. 

Surrounded by monsters? 

Are you ready to go to the Nether? 

Just follow this hacking process-

  • Set the cheats on while enabling a new world.
  • After that, load the game and download a mod/ inventory editor. 
  • Next, put armor on your character and set the damage to low. 
  • Save and load this to your specific world, and you will find yourself invulnerable to the monsters. 
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There is one thing that you need to remember about your download mod. Use them with discretion, or you can get banned from the game. 

2. Create A Custom HUD

If you are enthusiastic enough about Minecraft hacking, you will find it challenging and amazing at the same time. You can create a customer hud, for instance, a mana bar, to see your consumables so far. 

It is a complex process that you can find in customer hud creating videos. It includes retexturing and remodeling of the gaming assets. 

3. Minecraft Update 1.17 Hacks

This hack is more popular as it comes with the newer updated version of Minecraft. The strips of LED lights you choose and change with this Minecraft Cheat. 

This can be done by following simple steps, and that made it popular among the Minecraft community. The latest update of Minecraft allows users to try and hack with various tricks. To enable this hack-

  • You can gather some signs and put them on a wall. 
  • On a horizontal placement, type equal alongside the signs. 
  • With each equal symbol, apply the dye.
  • With the help of glow inc sack, you can create equal blue signs. 

4. The Command Tool Hack

This is the simplest form of Minecraft cheating. With the primary command within the game, one can easily hack it. If you missed it the first time, try to follow the steps to gain the command tool for a hack. 


  • Enable cheats at the startup menu.
  • After loading the game, hit the key button, and a pop-up will rise to the command search bar. 
  • Here, you can choose the difficulty level and also can stop the time.
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You will lose the challenge in this hacking mode, and you can play Minecraft easily. 

5. Design Your Own Custom Blocks

Bored of using the default block of Minecraft? 

Use this cheat to use your own customized blocks. If you are finding something new in the game, then you can try this mind-blowing custom block hacking. 

  • Grab an armor stand and place the default Minecraft block onto the stand. It will allow you to pile the blocks.
  • In this way, you can allow yourself to dye any kind of block in Minecraft. In addition, you can create your own customized blocks by adding themes and colors. 

To Conclude

As with the discussion, anyone will get the idea of above mentioned Minecraft cheats and hacks. To be more precise, the Minecraft community has become liberal with its hacking processes. 

It is obvious that every gamer wants to try these amazing hacks but to be in the game for a long time; you need to be careful. It is best for the users to use the game as it is if they want to feel the challenge. 

Otherwise, you can try the exciting advantages of Minecraft hacks. 

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