Instagram MOD APK v1.73.0 – Hide Stories, No Ads and Many Features Unlocked

Instagram MOD APK - Now Get Control on every Instagram Feature
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Today, we are talking about mod apk. In this article we are going to introduce the amazing application and their features in detail. Please keep reading this article and know about the information about this Instagram MOD APK.

I know there are many questions in your mind related to this MOD APK, such as their features, download and installation process, bans and their uses. So, keep reading this article, I will guide you step by step about this version.

Download Instagram MOD APK (Latest version). It is free for Android if you want to connect with people and post your favorite thing! Then, follow people, pages and celebrities right now and see their daily life and routine.

Instagram mod

Instagram MOD APK

Instagram MOD APK is one of the best modified applications of the Instagram official. It contains a huge variety of additional key features. It is the most attractive and trustworthy version of Instagram regarding all other modified versions. This new modified version is created with a lot of additional permissions.

It allows to this app, permission to store or save the videos and directly audio downloading via Instagram. In this new version of Instagram MOD APK, you can download Instagram videos, story videos, also copy the comments and full profile picture view.

If you are looking for a platform where you can share your every moment of life, then download the Instagram MOD APK. It is the perfect app for all. In this mod, you can post picture and videos. You can follow your favorite celebrities as well.

It is a very famous platform where you can find the unique content.

All the amazing features of this application are mentioned in this article. So please continue reading with us.

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Download Instagram MOD APK

APK Instagram MOD APK
Version 1.73.0
Updated  02/04/2021
Category Social
Features Mentioned Below
Size 36 MB
Publisher Instagram

Instagram MOD APK Features

Instagram is one of the most popular app, that has been around for a years now. This app has many highlights and features which attracts the users. You can get access to all features after download, including:

  • Post Images and Videos
  • Follow people, brands and celebrities
  • Stories and live
  • Filters and emojis
  • Discover and download photos, videos, stories
  • No ads in-between Stories
  • View full profile picture
  • Impeccable messaging tools
  • Un-following Tracker
  • Easy and customizable user interface
  • Control Comments
  • Enable defaults video sound
  • Hiding stories, recording, broadcast
  • IGTV
  • Private messages
  • Fixing Bugs
  • Multiple Languages
  • Anti-ban
  • Exploring through hash-tags

Post Image and Videos

You can post your pictures and videos on daily bases without any restrictions. People share their happy and even sad events of life with all over the world. It is most trending app today. Daily 96 million photos and videos are uploaded on Instagram.

Follow people, brands and celebrities

This is another amazing feature of Instagram MOD APK, in which you can follow the people and check their profile any time. You can follow your family members, friends, well known people and any random one. There is no limit about that to whom you can follow and who can follow you back.

You can follow the all brands and celebrities. Even you can chat with brands person and asked about your desired things. Also you can chat with your friends or followers. This app makes the easier way to communicate everyone with one another.

Stories and live

You can post images and videos on story. It means this will be appears only for 24 hours. It is called story. You can post as many stories as you want. You can also see that who viewed your story. And in the live section, you will go with live any time and people will watch you live and talk with you through comments. Also you can save your live section.

Filters and Emojis

Instagram MOD APK also gives us the filter option. It is a huge variety of filters in it such as make ups filters, puppy filters, any celebrity makeup filter and many more filters. As well as there are a lot of emojis in this mod. Yu can use any filter according to your choice and make your selfies every day.

Discover and download photos, videos, stories

First or all, it allows users to download all the available content on Instagram can be used for offline purpose. Without any kind of help you can get all the photos, videos. Stories and IGTV Videos.  Instagram has many restrictions in their features.

Many users irritated with this imitation. In this Mod, you are limitation free. You can download the photos, videos and stories. With the help of Mod APK file, you can do any things without any restriction.

You can follow the new accounts in the Explore tab and download new things.

So, now you can download your favorite videos, which are available in the feed of the guys whom you followed.

download instagram photos

No Ads in-between Stories

User irritate with a lot of ads during using the any application. So the Instagram MOD APK, introduced the best feature, you can skip the ads between stories. Interruption of ads between your favorite stories is not acceptable. In this amazing Mod, you can disable the ads.

View Full Profile Picture

Instagram is only allows the user to see the small size pictures as a profile picture. It was very difficult to recognize any one. So, the Instagram MOD APK introduced the latest and best feature, which helps to enlarge the profile picture just by one click on it.

Impeccable messaging tools

There are many messaging tools in this MOD APK. First of all, you can hide your “typing” status from your DMs. When you are typing the next person did not know that you are typing or not when you are online. This feature of Instagram gives the best personalization service to their users.

Un-following trackers

If your any follower, un-follow you, then you will receive the notification immediately. It is the best feature of Instagram MOD APK. And users liked this feature. You can get this feature only in MOD APK.

Easy and Customizable User Interface

The Instagram contain on comfortable user interference, it means the users can easily use this app. The feature of Instagram MOD APK user interference is same as Instagram Official app. But the one changing is that you can lock your Instagram with four digit code. You can get the lock feature in this MOD APK.

Here is also option of adjustable the things according to your wish. You can adjust the location of feed, search, share, News and profile tabs.

Control Comments

In this new Mod APK, users can control their comments. Because it is major problem with many people who are Instagram users that they go with any web site links in bio, caption and comments’ but they cannot do copy the comment from Instagram application. But now, after installation of Instagram MD APK users can control comments.  AS well as, they can copy the whole caption.  This new modified mod introduced all the new and amazing features.

Enable defaults video sound

If you want to mute the music of your video, don’t take tension. Now you can do it easily. Instagram MOD APK has very interesting features. Users now love this mod. They easily can sound off and on in any video and edit them quickly.

Users can edit the sound of any video that they made with Instagram camera and also add the new video from their gallery and edit this. It is not necessary that you made the video just in Instagram camera.

Hiding stories, recording, broadcast

Instagram MOD APK introduced the one of best feature. If someone has privacy issues then this mod helps to make your privacy. In this feature, users can hide their stories, recording and broadcasting from any person.  If you don’t want, any of your friends see your story. Simple just go the setting, hide the targeted person from stories. Then easily you can post your picture and videos.

So, Don’t Worry! Post your beautiful moment of life.

IGTV Videos

IGTV Videos is one of the most famous and trending feature of Instagram MOD APK. People made their videos and can easily save them. There is no problem that how much video is long. If you want to made long video and also want to save it. So, don’t worry about it because the IGTV feature in MOD APK is for you. Also you can easily see the IGTV of your favorite creators.

Private Messages

If you want to maintain your privacy and also want to talk with someone, please go the Instagram Direct and send the message to your target person. You can call to your friends. Here are two options for all of you: Video call and Audio call. You can send the photos, videos and post form directly to your gallery quickly with Instagram Direct. The private message is also called “Instagram Direct”.

Fixing bugs

The most amazing and great feature in which you can fix bugs by yourself just by clicking on the option of fixing bugs. It is present there; you can fix it without facing any kind of trouble.

Multiple Languages

The Instagram MOD APK also has an option of languages. It supports various languages. This makes it much better than an Official Instagram. Users of multiple languages can easily use the Instagram in their own languages.


This modified version is anti-ban so you can use it without any fear. Your accounts as safe as you are able to so don’t take tension about it.

So! Don’t be worry about any kind of bans.

Unlimited Likes

Are you worried about limited likes on Instagram? In the official Instagram, when you give unlimited likes then you’re like action blocked for few time? Today I am telling you about unlimited likes feature.

In Instagram MOD APK, you will get the unlimited likes action. So, don’t worry and enjoy this amazing feature.

Exploring through hash-tags

Hash tag is one of the really popular features of this mod than the other social media sites. The hash tags are used to convey some important message to the world. When one makes certain hash tags on intagram, and then it is expected to be followed by others. If your post is public, then it will display. If a person search for post then the hash tag option will comes in first line and easily find the post. People show their interest in some something with the use of hash tags on Instagram MOD APK.

Instagram MOD APK Installation Guide

Now I am telling how to install the Instagram APK MOD, it is very easy to install.  Just follow the few steps, which are following:

Step 1

First of all, uninstall the Official Instagram App from your Android phone, if you have already it. For un-installation of this, Go to settings, and then click on the Apps. Then open the Instagram and click on the Uninstall.

Step 2

After uninstalling the Official Instagram you can directly download this mod apk.

Step 3

Now, install the Instagram MOD APK on your Android device and it will automatically come to your download folder.

Step 4

Next, go to your Instagram MOD APK account and log in.

If you don’t have any account then creates a new one and enjoy this amazing app.

Final Verdict

Instagram MOD APK is most popular and trending social media application. This app is user friendly. It is 100% safe for all. This app is totally free to use and download. Now you can enjoy their amazing features and enjoy it. This APK MOD has a lot of amazing and exciting features. In this article, we introduced all the new features in detail. All the modification of Instagram made this app more exciting and much better for all users. Share this MOD APK with your friends and enjoy with your friends.

Download it right now and enjoy the amazing features of MOD APK!

General FAQs

Is MOD APK totally free?

Yes, this mod is totally free.

Can I download this app in IOS?

No, this mod is just for Android Devices.

How to download this mod?

Going to above the page, you will see the link.

What is Instagram MOD APK?

Instagram MOD APK is one of the modified versions of official Instagram.

Why Instagram MOD APK?

This mod gives the amazing feature than the official Instagram. This made is only for those people who want the more and new features.

Is it anti-ban?

Yes, this mod is anti-ban. You can download this mod safely.

Who can get this mod?

Every Android user can download this mod.

What's new

  • No ads in-between Stories
  • View full profile picture
  • Impeccable messaging tools
  • Un-following Tracker
  • Easy and customizable user interface
  • Control Comments
  • Enable defaults video sound
  • Hiding stories, recording, broadcast
  • IGTV
  • Private messages
  • Fixing Bugs
  • Multiple Languages
  • Anti-ban



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