How to close Mythic Keys in World of Warcraft

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With the release Legion fans have World of Warcraft a new game mode: Mythic Timed Dungeons. If earlier the heroes went through dungeons in normal, heroic and mythic difficulties, now there is a more hardcore mode for a while. Having successfully dealt with all the bosses before the end of the timer, you increase the level of the key by +1, +2 or even +3. At the end, a chest with rewards awaits you, from where an item from killed bosses can drop with a small chance.

Mythic + keys have become one of the main ways to equip a character. They do not have a weekly CD, there is always a chance to get some item from the chest. In addition, you can take friends who, when receiving an award, can give it to you to help you get dressed. Over time, the developers have added more achievements, awards and achievements to the keys. 3rd party addon has developed a ranking system to give players the motivation to close higher keys and increase their MMR. It was so popular that it was incorporated in the game in recent patches.

In the current Shadowlands you can use the Mythic boost dungeon carry to guide you through the mythic keys and help you get dressed. The number of services also includes the transfer of loot, mounts, leveling the character on insta, closing on a timer or for a weekly chest.

Features of Mythic Dungeons in World of Warcraft

To activate the Mythic Key, you need to gather a group of five people. After that, go to the dungeon and insert your key into the bowl of power. The group is given limited time to defeat opponents and bosses throughout the dungeon. The difficulty of passing depends on the number of the key, as well as the presence of weekly modifiers that add certain difficulties to the game.has Shadowlands some of the most popular affixes:

  • Encrypted;
  • Grievous;
  • Fortified;
  • Sanguine;
  • inspiration;
  • Bolstering.
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Every week, modifiers change to diversify the passage of mythic keys. Only the seasonal affix remains unchanged, which in the third season of Shadowlands is called Encrypted. It is dedicated to the theme of ancient relics hidden in the location of Zereth Mortis.

Encrypted next to some groups of enemies in the dungeons Urh, Vo)Killing one of them will spawn an ancient guardian who will attack the heroes. After killing him, the group receives a temporary buff – this can be invisibility, ability cooldown or attack speed.

Mythic Dungeons Rewards

After defeating the last enemy, a chest appears in front of the heroes, inside of which there can be an item from this dungeon. Players do not receive a reward with a 100% chance, so in order to get the desired item, you will have to repeatedly go to instagram. Also at the end of the week, the heroes will find a weekly chest from the Great Vault. It contains a reward with a power level that depends on the maximum private key in the previous week.

is popular among players boosting for closing the 15th keyAt the end of the week, you will be able to pick up a level 278 item from the Great Vault. If you close eight dungeons, then the choice expands to three items, but only one is allowed to be taken. Boosters help close keys not only at level 15, but also above. To get a rare achievement , it is proposed to go through all 20 keys. You will have a portal to the completed dungeon, and your personal rating will be more than 3000 MMR.

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