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You are a fan of Hotel hideaway and want to download Hotel hideaway MOD APK to have a much better experience? You are exactly at the right place. We provide you with the latest MOD APK that provides lots of perks. These advantages will make you so popular in the game that it will absolutely blow your mind. Unlimited diamonds, coins, characters, secret chat rooms you name it. All you have to do is download this MOD APK and enjoy the ultimate gaming experience. Are you hooked to know more about hotel hideaway hacks? Then read more to find out.

Hotel Hideaway mod

Hotel Hideaway MOD APK

Hotel hideaway is a fun 3D roleplaying game that allows you to socialize with online players in a more fun and interesting way. You can customize your avatar and get more stickers and gestures by spending the game’s currency as you gain more popularity in the game. This game has been downloaded on the google play store more than 5 million times. To download the latest Hotel Hideaway MOD APK click on the download button given above or follow the instruction given below.

download hotel hideaway mod hack

Here is the summary of the game’s technical information.

Application Hotel Hideaway MOD APK
Size  86 Mb
Current version 3.27.2
Android system requirements 5.0 and above
Content rating Mature 17+
Interactive elements Users interact
Developer Sulake Corporation Oy

But what if you want to enjoy all the perks of the game even though you are a new player, this is where we solve your problem by providing software that hacks the game and provides you with cheats and different advantages

Hotel Hideaway Hacks and Cheats

Although for some people hacking and cheating in the game diminishes the gaming experience. But for some people who really just want to have some fun, there are no rules now aren’t they? For people like you, we have developed a fun MOD APK that gives a variety of hacks and cheats for the game. It is TOTALLY FREE and easy to download. More ever, it doesn’t require your device to reboot at all. Now you are interested to know more about the features of the MOD, aren’t you?

Well, hop on the bus, as I am about to give you a little tour of features that this MOD provides you.

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What is Hotel Fideaway MOD Hack Features?

There are a lot of MODs out there that are either outdated or are complete frauds. We provide you the latest and working version of the hack tool that gives you a lot of cool advantages over other players. So, the features that we provide you in this MOD are given below

Price Free
Size 107Mb
Language English
What do you get?
  1. Unlimited coins
  2. Unlimited Diamonds
  3. Customize your avatar
  4. Full HD graphics
  5. Secret chat rooms

Why should I download Hotel Hideaway MOD?

As we have told you before, there are a lot of MODs out there who will claim that they have the hack tool that will optimize your hotel hideaway gaming experience. But most of them are outdated or do not work at all. They just want your click. Yes, most of them are what you call click-baits. But we are not here to click-bait you. We provide you will all the hotel hideaway cheats and hacks that we claim to give you. Let’s talk about how some of these cheats can really help you when you are playing the game.

Unlimited Money

You will get unlimited money by using the Hotel hideaway MOD. You can get them as daily rewards or by achievements. But that takes a lot of time. You can buy a lot of cool stuff like more gestures, clothes, stickers. You can buy all of this stuff using this game currency. But you will have to pay the game developers if you want them in the “good boy” way. But this cheat tool allows you to have unlimited coins and this way, you will be the most popular player by having all the perks and admission to the secret rooms

Unlimited Diamonds

Diamond is another in-game currency. You get them by rifts or daily rewards. These diamonds can give you more money/coins. But these diamonds are really hard to get and expensive if you want to buy them by spending real money. But worry not as this MOD APK gives you an unlimited supply of diamonds. Go and shop for clothes and stickers without a worry in the world. YOU ARE FILTHY RICH NOW. So behave how the rich people behave and have the best time in Hotel.

No Limits on Your 3D Avatars

hotel hideaway create your own avatar

You have a customizable 3D avatar in the game. You can advance in the game by equipping your avatar with clothes, faces, and stickers. For getting more options for customization you need higher-ranked items. You have to buy them using in-game currency. But you already have a lot of it, don’t you? So hurry up and create the best avatar. You can also unlock items for avatars like stickers. You can shop for all of these items in the following shops

  • The Wall Mall
  • Easy Frank’s
  • Face Odyssey
  • The color shop
  • Adorn
  • PUG

Hotel Hideaway Secret Rooms

There are also a lot of secret rooms in Hotel hideaway. Gameplay happens in this room. As you advance, you get to explore more and more. You can also have your own room in which you can customize the furniture and items. This makes your profile stronger in the game. You can enter the different rooms using elevators. But there are some secret rooms like Closet, Arcade, Grand library which you cannot enter through the elevator. You can also get the locations of these hidden rooms.

Installation Guide and Requirements For the Hotel Hideaway Mod

There are few system requirements that you must have to enjoy the game without any lagging. These are the minimum requirement to play the game on your smartphone.

  • Your Device must have Android 5.0
  • Your Device Must have 3 GB Ram or More.
  • You Must have 90 MB of Free Space

How to Check Device Specification?

Check our Detailed Guide on Device Specifications

Now that you know a lot more about the game, you are really excited to download the MOD APK. We are just as excited as you are. The downloading process is really simple. The app is totally free so you do not have to spend a single penny. Just follow these steps and get your MOD on the phone

  • Click here to download the app
  • If you have any older version, please delete them first
  • Enable the “download files from unknown sources” from your device settings.
  • You can find that in the security settings
  • Click on the install button and start enjoying the ultimate gaming experience.

If you are struggling to allow unknown resources Follow our guide.

Hotel Hideaway user’s Review

“This is one of the best MODs out there that I have tried. It did provide me with a butt load of money and diamonds. Did not have to go through the trouble of watching ads or finding rifts at all. Overall, I had a great deal of fun. My only concern was that it took a bit more space than it had mentioned. But that was negligible. I would have deleted the app if it was interfering with the phone’s functions but it did not. Try it bros and gals, try it for sure”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is version 3.27.2 of hotel hideaway mod APK is the latest?

Yes, as of March 20, version 3.27.2 of hotel hideaway mod APK is the latest.

Do I need to reboot my device?

You absolutely do not have to reboot your device. Just install it and start playing

Is it safe from detection by the main servers?

We do not claim to be undetectable. If you overuse the MOD to get free coins, you will get detected. We advise using this MOD not more than 3 times in 24 hours.

What's new

  • Bug Fixed
  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited diamonds
  • No limits on your 3D avatars
  • The Wall Mall
  • Easy Frank’s
  • Face Odyssey
  • The color shop
  • Adorn
  • PUG



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