Gaming Laptops: How to Optimize the Experience

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When it comes to computer gaming, most people associate it with gaming desktops. It’s understandable, as gaming laptops aren’t quite there yet regarding sustainability and overall power. After all, computers are much easier to customize and transform into a dedicated gaming machine.

With gaming laptops, you have no choice but to go for the prebuilt options. Unfortunately, it creates a situation where laptops don’t have the same freedom, leading to more problems. Fortunately, just because laptops aren’t the recommended gaming platform doesn’t mean you can’t optimize the experience. Here are a few things to remember when focusing on gaming laptops.

1.Keep that laptop cold

First and foremost comes the most important rule when gaming with your laptop—keep that baby cold. Temperature is an essential part of gaming, and nothing kills a machine more than a consistently high temperature when running. Unfortunately, while it’s true that modern gaming laptops have safety measures to help with keeping things cool (such as throttling), there are times when it isn’t enough.

Usually, if your computer shuts off when gaming, it has to do with the temperature, though there are other potential culprits. Fortunately, there are many solutions to various problems, which means you never have to tackle any issue alone.

For example, many laptop enthusiasts recommend ThrottleStop as the go-to program to help with high voltages and throttling. Its job is to help reinforce your laptop’s ability to maintain an acceptable temperature.

2.Using an extra keyboard/controller

One thing to remember when gaming with your laptop is there’s no way to replace your built-in keyboard without bringing the computer to the shop. Not only is it expensive, but it isn’t recommended. While keyboards are meant to be used, it’s never a good idea to wear out your laptop’s keyboard. Instead, it’s much better to look for top-quality keyboards you can use to preserve your laptop’s physical integrity.

The same thing goes for controllers. Many top-quality controllers are available online, giving you many choices for your favorite games. While not every game works well with controllers (such as first-person shooters), it’s not a bad idea to have a few controllers handy just in case.

3.The many benefits of retro gaming

Last but certainly not least, there are so many excellent examples of retro games that you’re spoiled for choice. That said, it seems a waste to play actual retro games on original hardware as you could wear it out even more. Provided you own the original hardware, you can emulate retro games on your gaming laptop, adding another layer of gaming to your mobile computer.

Not only is retro gaming filled to the brim with quality games, but it also ensures your laptop doesn’t work too hard! You can even try various PlayStation 3 games using a laptop!

While laptop gaming is still considered inferior to desktop gaming, there are still plenty of reasons to go for the former. The fact that you can carry a laptop around is reason enough for most. Hopefully, the above tips can help you optimize your gaming experience.

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