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Free Fire MOD APK - Best Survival Game with all Features Unlocked
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If you are looking for shooting and best survival game so you can download the Free Fire MOD APK Unlimited Diamonds. It is very adventurous game. It is a battle game and your aim to be the last survival in this game. If you are the last survival, all the enemies are killed so it means “You are the winner”.

I know, there are many questions in your mind related to this APK MOD, such as features, unlimited diamonds, weapons and their all other things which are required in the battle. So, keep reading this article, I will guide you step by step about their all features.

All the amazing features of this game are mentioned in this article. So please continue reading and know about the Free fire Diamond Apk Mod Afaq.

free fire mod

Free Fire MOD APK Unlimited Diamonds

It is the most trending and adventurous game. In this version has a lot of unlimited diamonds, Auto Aims, Auto Headshots and many more. It is the hacked version of free fire. This game is same like as PUBG Mobile. But in this game only 50 players played in one battle. All the players fall from sky via parachute and land in different region and start their battle.

You can also unlock the other characters. The main focus of the game’s on survival. All players survive and save their self at the end of the game. You will survive by killing the enemies. Stay away from danger zone and save yourself.

After the ban of PUBG game, the Free Fire game becomes most popular game in the whole world. People start to play in this game. Fire Free MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds) has successfully established and won the players heart. This game is become a standard for all the upcoming battle games.

Download the Fire Free MOD APK right now! And enjoy.

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How to Download and Install AFAQ Free Fire MOD APK 

It is very easy to install. Just follow few steps. They are following:

  • Click on the Download Button
  • Wait until the file is downloaded
  • Then open it
  • Install the Free Fire MOD APK in your Android Device
  • Follow the instruction the game
  • Just start and play the game

Free Fire MOD Features

This game has many highlights and features which attracts the players. You can get access to all features after download, including:

  • Auto-aim
  • Wall hack
  • Totally Safe
  • Auto update
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Free to download
  • Free Garena Shells
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlock All Characters
  • No need to root
  • Unlimited Health
  • Ghost Mode
  • Graphics

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Auto Aim

The Free Fire MOD APK gives the auto-aim feature to the players. When you saw any enemy then you will automatically fire at enemy. You won’t shoot through dividers and items so you won’t be spotted by different players as a cheater.

This feature also gives you ‘More Damage” and “Headshot” outcome. While you are playing game, you can activate this feature. When you are using the auto-aim feature and aim for headshot, so be care full because you will be easily trace.

You can easily win all the matches by using this feature of Free Fire MOD APK

Free fire auto aim

Wall Hack

The amazing feature that every player wants, this is the “Wall Hack”. You can see through wall easily. Also you can even shoot from walls. But your enemies can’t shoot you through walls. It is very helpful for you to win the game.

Totally Safe

This game is totally safe. Unlimited people in the whole world are playing this game and this 100% safe for every player. Many people daily download this game in their Android device.

Auto Update

Free Fire MOD APK is very easy to use. When the update is available then the device will automatically update the game. You can also call the auto-sync to this feature. It is the amazing feature for players.

Free Fire MOD Unlimited Coins

If you daily log-in your game then you will earn the coins. There are many mission in this game after complete the any one mission, you will get the unlimited coins.

Unlimited Garena Shells

The player of the Free Fire MOD APK knows about the Garena Shells. The Garena Shells are the game currency that will help you to buy the different game items and upgrades. With the help of Garena Shells you can also buy the weapons, supplies, gears, characters, skin and many other items of game.

You can unlock the skins of main weapons like M4A1 and AWM with Garena Shells.

Free Fire MOD Unlimited Gold

In Fire Free MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds), the gold is their premium currency. This currency helps the players to purchase the some locked items of game. With the help of Gold, you can buy the different skins of weapons. To earn the Gold you will perform the different missions, challenges, tasks and many ore tings. But you can easily get the gold.

Free to Download

This game is totally free. You can download Fire Free MOD APK without any cost.

So, Download it right now and enjoy the amazing game!

Free Fire Diamond Apk MOD Afaq

Diamonds is important and main currency of the game. You can buy the different exclusive locked items with the help of diamonds. You can buy the T-shits, pants, glasses, hats, shoes and coats. You can change your appearance to with the help of these items.

Purchase your desired items and amazed your friends with your surprising achievements!

free fire diamonds

Unlock all Characters

You can unlock the other characters. There are many character of the game and all are much important for the game to increase your damage and medic. You can unlock the characters easily. The following of the main character of this game:

  • Andrew
  • Ford
  • Kelly
  • Kla
  • Maxim
  • Misha
  • Nikita
  • Olivia

No Need to Root

Root offers the process of getting full access the phone. If your cell phone is rooted so you can change anything. No need to root means you have permission to change anything. You can control the operating system.

Unlimited Health

If you are the player of this game then you will also know the God Mode Option, in which option you have unlimited health. Your health will automatically full when you get hit. So don’t worry if you gonna die. With Unlimited Health feature, you can enjoy the game without the fear of die.

Ghost Mode

Ghost mode feature means you have power of being invisible in the game. It is the one of most important and popular feature of Free Fire MOD APK. In ghost mode, your enemies can not see you. It is the perfect feature to safe and hide yourself and helps to win the game.

Free Fire MOD Graphics

Fire Free MOD APK has amazing graphics, which attracts the players. The graphics of the game is so real and smooth and beautiful color scheme.

Ways to Play the Game

There are two ways to play this game perfectly. The first way is the player needs to join the battle with four people, and then you can add the persons from your friend list. The second ways is you will play with 4 unknown persons as a team and safe each other’s.

List of Weapons in the Free Fire

The main weapons of the Free Fire MOD APK are following:

  • Groza
  • Dragunov
  • AWM


People are playing this game all over the world. So this game supports the several languages for their players.

Final Verdict

Free Fire MOD APK is one of the best online games. It is so amazing and adventurous game. Almost 200 million players play it every day. It is very thrilling game. This game gives the many safety accessories like helmet, med kit, bandages, west and energy drink. You can play with your friends from all over the world and set the highest score. This game is very realistic and thrilling game. This mod gives the unlimited diamonds and unlock the exclusive characters.

So Download this Game As Soon As Possible!

What's new

  • Auto-aim
  • Wall hack
  • Totally Safe
  • Auto update
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Free to download
  • Free Garena Shells
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlock All Characters
  • No need to root
  • Unlimited Health
  • Ghost Mode

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