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We have the latest version of flightradar24 PRO APK that gives you all the perks of a paid program for FREE. Yes! Not a single dime at all. So do not miss this chance to go bananas on this app and download your pro version here for free. The paid versions cost you money and these are difficult times. But we understand you and have introduced this awesome APK which you can download from this app. To know more about it, read the blog.

What does Flightradar24 Pro APK do?

An aviation enthusiast and want to explore and track the flights on a deeper level? What if we tell you there is an app that can get it all for you. You can turn your device into a flight tracker using this awesome app. It was developed by two Swedish aviation enthusiasts in 2009. At first, it was only available in northern and central Europe. But now it operates all over the world. They basically have different subscription plans and their services differ with each plan.

Some basic information about Flightradar24
Installs 10M +
Developer Flightradar24 AB
Content rating Everyone
Interactive elements Digital Purchases
In-app purchases $1.49 – $64.99 per item
App rating 4.6

Each subscription plan has something different to offer. But as you progress, with each subscription plan, you are going to pay them more. The most expensive one is their business plan that costs you more than 500 dollars! What if we tell you that with flightradar24 pro APK, you will be able to get a lot of the benefits for free. This is what this app is all about. It provides every aviation enthusiast with equal opportunities. To know more about what features flightradar24 pro APK offers, jump to the next section.

Flightradar24 APK Features

With the free basic plan, you only get live flight tracking, enhanced 3D view, and search options. But if you want no ads, access to the unlimited history of the flights, and many more features, download our APK. It provides you with a lot of benefits, some of them are listed below

  • More accuracy
  • Unlimited history access
  • You will get more 3D features
  • More filter options
  • Detailed flight information
  • Notifications
  • Use without registration
  • Get weather conditions of each flight and airport
Flightradar24 APK app features
Genre Travel and local
Size 70Mb or variable
Developer Flightradar24 AB
Price FREE
Android Requirement 4.4 and above


To be able to use this awesome app, you will have to have a good internet connection. This is because good internet with low ping will allow the app to give you more accurate results. You also need working android software on your device. This is because this app is available on cellphones having android 4.4 and above. But what is the most exciting thing? YOU DO NOT NEED MONEY FOR THIS APP!

Why should you download the Flightradar24 mod?

There are a lot of apps out there that claim that they will crack the version of the app that you have. But the truth is most of them are frauds who just want your click. They are just there for the ad money. Either that or their version is so outdated that it doesn’t work anymore. But this flightradar24 mod APK gives you all the benefits that you want. If you are an aviation enthusiast, you will definitely enjoy these extra features. Let’s discuss what some of these features actually do for you.

Track flights in real-time

You will be able to track and see all the flights in the world in real-time. Most people who have the basic plan only have access to limited flights but with this app, you will have unlimited access. You just have to search for the flight that you want to track and enjoy. You will be able to see where the flight in midair.

If you have a loved one who is flying and want to see where they are, this app is what you need. And yeah, you cannot hide your flight details from your spouse anymore, so yep, this will make you Sherlock Holmes of aviation.

Get detailed information

You will get the basic information about the flights in detail. You will get the times of departure and arrival. Want to know more about the airports too? Yeah, this you will get that much information from flightradar24.

The amount of detail is also astonishing, the speed of the aircraft, its altitude, its route of traveling, and the photographs of the aircraft. You will get it all.

You will become an airport on your own with the information that you will have at your disposal, the weather reports, their location, etc.

Enjoy 3D view

This is one of the most amazing features that this app gives you. You will be able to see the 3D view of the cockpit generated by special technology. The experience is just phenomenal. Although the amount of 3D view depends on the package you have subscribed to, but that doesn’t matter for you as you have the flightradar24 APK

Get flights history

This is something that you only get with the paid versions. But you know our little secret, don’t you? You will be able to get unlimited access to an aircraft’s history. With the highest version, it can provide you with a history of the previous 365 days. With the unlocked version of the app, you can enjoy these perks for free.

How to install and download this app for free?

You can install & download flightradar24 MOD APK free of cost. The steps are really simple. Just follow them and your app will be downloaded.

Meanwhile, if you have enjoyed what you have read so far, do us a favor and subscribe to us. You can also refer us to your other fellow aviation enthusiasts as your support is the only way we can do all of this for you completely free.

So let’s get back to the steps of downloading.

  1. Enable the “allow apps from unknown sources” option on your phone’s security.
  2. Click here to download
  3. Delete the older version if you have it
  4. Click on the install button and enjoy

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Is this app undetectable?

We do not claim to be undetectable. If you overuse the app, the system may ban your device from further accessing the servers. So please be smart while you use it.

Can I find any flight using this app?

You can find any flight as long as you have the registration or a flight number. Although you may not find a flight due to several reasons. Either the flight has not taken off yet or some other issue.

What’s the deal with the blue points?

These blue points indicate the airports that flightradar24 has coverage of.

Why is flight information missing?

The system covers a lot of flights in the world. But, there are still some flights and airports that it doesn’t provide the coverage of. That may be the reason that your flight information is missing. Either this or it may be due to some unknown reasons. It might also be due to the fact that the flight has entered a region that flightradar24 doesn’t cover.

How does this whole thing work?

Flightradar24 works by combining data from several sources. This data from ADS-B, MLAT, and radar along with regular flight information from the airports allow the app to accurately track the flights.

If you still have any further queries, you can send us an email. Our team is always eager to get your feedback.

We want to give a disclaimer that the app is here just for the purposes of fun. Our team does not claim responsibility for how the user has used the information. We urge the user to be responsible people and do not use it for any dangerous activities

What's new

  • We have added a new pull-down menu to see tracking stats and our Twitter feed to keep you up to date with all the latest aviation information.
  • Pull down on the bar below the search field to access the stats and feed.
  • Bug fixes

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