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PUBG: NEW STATE [Full] (100% Tried)

App Description :



* Introducing PUBG NEW STATE, the new Battle Royale created and hosted by PUBG STUDIOS (the organization behind PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS)

One hundred players with different weapons and methods will fight to control a landmark in PUBG: NEW STATE until only one party is left.

You can use stuff, vehicles and consumables to survive the Battlegrounds’ free-fire zone and be the last Survivor!

#Game Features

Ultra-practical designs that surpass the constraints of portable gaming

  • PUBG: NEW STATE uses worldwide enlightenment innovation to outperform what was previously possible in portable gaming illustrations
  • A vast, open-world landmark with a level of authenticity that is only possible by PUBG STUDIOS
  • The cutting-edge PUBG design is PUBG: NEW STATE.
  • A unique PUBG experience at your fingertips
  • Vulkan (API) provides stable support with enhanced execution and advancement.

 More sensible and dynamic gunplay

  • Fully improved to suit the diverse climate.
  • You can customize your firearms to suit your needs and take advantage of the Battlegrounds’ free discharge zone.

 Next age activity-based intuitive ongoing interaction

  • Another landmark and exceptional mechanics included in PUBG NEW STATE include evading, drone calling, and backing demand
  • Use the new vehicles only available in PUBG NEW STATE to quickly cross the 8×8 open-world landmark
  • You can have a vivid PUBG experience by achieving different goals in-game or on the Battlegrounds.

 Development of the first PUBG universe

  • Decades later, new groups emerge on another landmark in anarchic 2051
  • The endurance game PUBG becomes a new landmark with PUBG NEW STATE

 PUBG: NEW STATE is the beginning of another PUBG experience

  • The real fight royale between PUBG client and PUBG client: PUBG NEW STATE
  • PUBG: NEW STATE carries PUBG for cell phones while introducing a new time for the establishment

#Minimum Requirements#

Central processor: 64-cycle (ABI Arm64 or higher).

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Slam: 2GB or more


Android 6.0 and higher is the operating system

Open GL 3.1 and higher/Vulkan 1.1 and higher


FRONTLINE MOD APK v3.0.3 (Unlimited Money)

App Description :


Frontline Commando, a spin-off of the famous third-person shooter Frontline Commando, allows projectiles to fly!

It would help if you were not double-crossed or left for dead in the combat zone. Instead, build your soldiers of fortune to get a conflict against your enemies.

Get YOUR ELITE SQUAD together.

Choose and train officers to lead a conflict group into the combat zone. You can find 65 potential members of the particular crew, including sharpshooters and doctors.


Your crew will triumph over 40 challenging missions and 13 top-notch difficulties, including web PVP.


Do you think you have a dedicated crew? Then, for PVP boasting privileges, challenge other shooters online!


Shoot in your direction through seven destructible combat zones. You can take on heavy weapon subject matter experts, riflemen, tanks, helicopters, flying robotics and more.


You can increase your weapon class capabilities with various upgradeable weapons classes, including expert sharpshooter guns, attack rifles and shotguns, as well as assault rifles. On the front lines, you can use extraordinary conflict gear, such as RPGs, projectiles, robots, and projectiles.

Excellent quality and vivid tablet interaction.


If it’s not too much trouble, NOTE:

  • You can play this game, but you can also pay real cash for additional items, which will be charged to your Google account. By changing the settings of your device, you can stop in-application purchasing.
  • This is not a game for children.
  • Be careful when you shop.
  • This game features advertising.
  • Clients might be able to interact with one another through this game (e.g., visiting rooms, player-to-player talk, informing), depending on the availability of these elements. People who violate the guidelines for person-to-person communication are prohibited from connecting to interpersonal interaction areas.
  • To play, you will need an organization association.
  • If you are interested in information about how Glu collects and uses your data, please visit
  • If you have any objections to the game, using the “Help” feature is not difficult.
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Hidden Object: Coastal Hill MOD APK v1.19.16 Unlimited Money

App Description :

Hidden Object: Coastal Hill MOD APK

This experience game is more than other secret article games. Are you ready to solve the town’s secret? You’ll be looking for and observing objects hidden in pleasant areas.


While you search for and track down secrets, you take on the role of a home planner. This house is a great place to live in and enjoy stowed-away secrets games. As you move through the levels, parts and complete each level, you will need a place to call home and complete all stowed-away item levels.


You can make your game person by choosing hairstyles, pullovers and skirts, boots, and embellishments. You can enhance your meeting by carefully choosing outfits and garments. As a result, you can put aside energy and increase the number of coins or experiences. Some extraordinary customization items are only opened when an occasion calls for them. Therefore, it is crucial to participate in secret item searches as often as possible.


You can play stowed away article games in over 40 scenes. There are 12 ways to solve stowed away riddles: Identifying contrasts in the image to finding sets. These clues are designed to help you make sense of the situation by looking through your experience. These scenes highlight zoom-in/zoom-out options, as well as six clues that can be used to help you find secret articles. You will have an unforgettable experience as you explore beautiful places and search for and track down hidden things.


You can start your own company, invite friends, and compete with other players to win prizes. Each challenge comes with a leaderboard. The top 3 societies receive rewards for completing stowed away riddles or different experience journeys. Talk to your team members, discuss strategies for reaching the top before the competition closes, and everyone will track down objects in an image. There will be a variety of unforgettable hunts, as well as puzzle games for grownups. These enigmas will stimulate your brain to find all it can. Remember that the more you play secret article games, the more you will get focused.

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Waterfront Hill has been a peaceful spot for many years. It’s hard to remember how you got there: everything looks so natural. You solve mind-blowing secrets and make connections with other characters to uncover the town’s secrets. You will enjoy long stretches of interactivity and a fantastic experience plot with many turns! Each character is a charmer with dull, privileged insights…

Secret Object Games: Mystery of the City offers special activities and remarkable accomplishments. Some are easy to do in other investigator games, and others require extraordinary ability.

If you have any questions about how to play secret articles experience games or riddles, please get in touch with 9b******ffc@8***

Follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on all the latest events and clues that will help you find and locate stowed items better.

What has happened to the characters of Coastal Hill? This riddle game is now available.


Super Cat Tales 2 MOD APK V1.4.53 [Money] (100% Tried)

App Description :

Super Cat Tales MOD APK

Super Cat Tales is back! This epic adventure features Alex the feline and his feline friends. A tin army has attacked cat Land. It’s up to the feline legends to save it. Super Cat Tales 2 is sure to be a favourite for those who love experience games.

Super Cat Tales 2 is a unique blend of feline stage play and experience games. It was specially created for touch-control devices. You can even howl it!


* Play more than 100 levels

* Unlock new felines

* Visit towns

* Equip items

* Find hidden mysteries

* Retro pixel artistry, music

* Leaderboards and achievements


Squid Survival Challenge: 456 MOD APK v0.0.7 [No Ads]

App Description :

Squid Survival Challenge: 456 MOD APK

The game will begin if all the players are present.

Follow the instructions of the staff and move quickly towards the game corridor.

Do not get discouraged and keep moving up the ranks for the 46.5 million won prize pool. You can!


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