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Call of duty has popular for long time as dominant shooter. This is the more popular war game series all time. Call of duty mobile Mod APK won the hearts of many gamers. And the Mod APK is the redesign version of application this application has much more features available. Call of duty application initially developed in 2003.

Graphics of this game is amazing and Call of duty mobile Mod APK in which improve healing process, aim bot, and reduce interface and many other features. In which no shooting limit and also no healing associated issues. The Mod APK has amazing features like unlimited money, wall hacks, unlimited ammo and aim bot.

call of duty mod

Call of Duty MOD APK

This game is impressive for shooting and action game lover because this game is full of shooting and action. And most important thing is that this game is anti-ban.

Call of duty application initially developed in 2003. Call of duty mobile has been downloaded more than 10,000,000+ times. And it is also available for both systems iOS and Android.

If you play COD (Call of Duty) Mod APK then you can kill any pro player. In this article, we have given information about features and download, installation COD Mod APK. Mod APK is the redesign version of COD.

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Call of Duty MOD Specifications

Game Modes

  1. Some famous modes in this game COD (Call of Duty).
  2. Zombies mode
  3. Battle Royale
  4. Team Death match
  5.  Sniper VS Sniper

Features of COD MOD APK

  1. Auto-aim
  2. Totally Safe
  3. Unlock Weapons-Outfits-Character
  4. COD Mod APK file installation very easily
  5. No Root
  6. Free to download
  7. Anti-ban
  8. Unlimited Call of duty points
  9. Auto Reload
  10. Unlimited Money
  11. Upgrade Weapons
  12. Drone feature
  13. Height falling feature
  14. Wall hack
  15. Run faster
  16. Online Modes
  17. Shot when Jump
  18. Check Distance
  19. Hide Weapon
  20. Increment Fire Rate
  21. Noiseless Aim Bot
  22. Check View of field
  23. Unlimited CP Points
  24. Wall Hack

Aim Bot

cod aim bot

The amazing feature of this Mod APK aim bot. Aim bot helps the player to easily kill and target the enemies. In which you can target the enemies and press the shoot button, it is auto and allows the target to kill the enemy. But it is difficult to use for new player because its condition the player to be very particular when it comes to placing the aim bot near the enemy.

This feature is very beneficial for generate the mark in killing the target enemies. This feature target enemy itself and help you win the game. You win matches more and more, then your ranking level will be increase.

Auto Reload

This feature works nicely. Bullets are loaded at one time in line with guns. The bullets in your gun will be finish then the opposite player easily kills you and you lose the game. This feature makes more benefit to the player for win.
This feature also helps the player from the problem of reloading player can focus only the target enemy not focuses to reloads.


This anti-ban features in call of duty Mod APK is full security and safe your account. Your ID can’t be hack and block by the developers of the game. This genre is free the anti-ban feature which doesn’t let the designer to ban this app.
The frequently problem of many Mod versions of some app have been banned by the designer of this game. But this Mod APK is resistant to banning. So I suggest you can play this COD Mod APK with your original account. In which your ID is totally secure.

Online Modes

This is another amazing feature you can play with your friends in this game like multiplayer. You can also create the team so then you play with your friends. This multiplayer feature can helps you to win your match. And you can reach the many hitting targets as you can with the help of your team mate.

Unlimited Money

This is also the best feature of this COD Mod app. Every player of call of duty wants to unlimited money for free. This call of duty Mod APK unlimited money for every player for free. Every paid item is free in this but you want skins and the other thing then you can use this unlimited money.

Unlimited CP Points

What is CP? Every game has its own currency as CP (call of duty points). You can use this currency to get the all the store things.

This feature is stunning this call of duty mobile APK unlimited CP points. This is use for open more amazing features on the inside the game. Unlimited CP can help you take up to higher level. On other words the help of CP points you can anything purchase in this game.

So, this COD Mod APK has unlimited CP. You can enjoy this amazing feature.

Wall Hack


That’s fantastic feature in COD Mod APK is wall hack. It can help you to allow players to see through the wall. And also kill it. There is no probability someone to kill you. So you can download and install the Mod APK and enjoy this feature.

If you have no guns then this feature helps to search the guns. You can see everything behind the wall. It allows us to see through the wall and also know who can behind the wall. If anyone can play PUBG they have now this feature. This is the most benefit feature to win this game. With the wall hack features you can easily win the multiplayer, royal battle match easily.

Unlimited Ammo

This COD Mod game has many features. In which unlimited ammo is another interesting feature. COD mobile is the best game but in this mode the bad thing is limited ammo. But in this COD MOD APK, the unlimited ammo is available.

Our Mod can give you unlimited ammo in multiplayer or battle Royale. This version helps you get unlimited ammo and health. You do not need take ammo. Because you have already unlimited ammo.
Weapons Unlocked

You know this is shooting game. It has lots of guns like heavy weapons. In COD MOD APK, you can purchase these weapons, some weapons are unlocked and some are paid. Some players get the favorite guns and skins but some can’t buy it because there have no CP points.

But the Mod APK gives the unlimited CP so you can purchase these weapons and skins. You can easily use these guns for any mode and win this game. It’s also has the feature of updating weapons. With the help of this you can upgrade your weapons.

You can also attach separate tools with it like magazines etc. There will be more upgraded weapons, which will also improve the progress of guns.

Drones feature

This feature will be available when you are playing multiplayer mode. We use missile in the open. Carefully aim the missile at the target enemy. All those that come in the range of the target missile will be killed. This will give you positive points to go to the next level.

A drone helps you to see this enemy on the map. They can point position on the map it will be easy to kill the enemy.

Unlimited Health

This feature is very interesting in this COD MOD APK that is unlimited health. It helps to win the match. Because you have unlimited health no one kill you. And you don’t carry a medical kit or health kit. If enemy shot on you but your health can’t decrease and other thing you will not be hidden from the eyes of enemies.

I understand that this will be a great pleasure for the players those who want to win but don’t win because of any problem.

Character Unlock

In COD game has many characters. But some are locked if you can pass the levels then some characters are open. The unlocking process of call of duty mobile is time consuming process. But Mod APK in all characters are unlocked, you can no more struggle anymore.

Call of Duty Redeem codes

This is new active code in Call of duty redeem codes this is also called the gift code. You can get some kinds of skins, weapons, outfits etc.

But remind that some redeem codes are not work. Some codes are expired to increase amount of time. This codes can only use in redemption center. Free redeem codes are hundred percent safe and free to use.

Some call of duty Redeem codes are expired and working.

  1. BFNUZILDFZ4JU43 (Expire due to time)
  2. BGRCZBZBNE (Expire due to time)
  3. BFQHZBNEELZ8TMJ (Expire due to time)
  4. BGONZBZQB (Expire due to time)
  5. BGRBZBZG3K (Expire due to time)
  6. BIFBZBZSC9 (New but working)
  7. BFNUZLMOLCZVKV (Expire due to time)
  8. BFOBZHTBHAZKWAN (Expire due to time)
  9. BGMVZBZCU8 (Expire due to time)
  10. BFNGZCZ5EM (Expire due to time)
  11. BGMTZBZ4BV (New but working)
  12. BFOGZBCPCFRZKSX (Expire due to time)

Download and Installation of COD MOD APP

These features of game are amazing. Above you read all the features install and download this app and enjoy it. Please follow the all steps and you can easily download and install Mod file.

Step 1

Press the download button in this website below. You have just go the download page so you can able to check a download link.

Step 2

Download app with the help of link and few minutes your downloaded app open on your phone. The downloading depends on your internet speed.

Step 3

In this step you have enable the unknown resource because this Mod app is the third party app so you can enable the unknown resource and install this app.

Step 4

In this step you have APK file and enable the unknown resource. Then go to the file manager of the system and click to install the COD Mod app.

You download the game and install successfully then enjoy this game.

Final Verdict

This is shooting game. And it features are amazing and fantastic. I discussed above all the features. In this MOD APK, the multiplayer mode, sniper vs sniper or battle Royale mode are available. You can customize the game controls. In this MOD APK has high quality graphics and chats available. This Call of duty mobile Mod unlimited CP, and many other skins are unlocked this version.

You can also upgrade your weapons. It is anti-ban but I suggest you to play this Mod app with guest ID. I try to tell you everything in this post. If you still do not understand this download or installation process or any other problem relates it. You can comment below.

General FAQs

What is best feature of this COD Mod app?

All the features of this app is best but in which bests feature is no reload, Unlimited health, unlimited currency and many more. So download this app and learn about its many features.

Is this Mod multiplayer mode available?

Yes, of course solo and multiplayer mode is available.

How to get currency in this game?

In this MOD APK you have unlimited currency and many other things after installation.

What are the characters of this Mod APK?

I discussed above about all characters. But I repeat again the great characters of this game are medic, defender, clown and many others. In this Mod APK, every character are unlocked.

Why COD Mod is select over the original version?

The original version is best but in this Mod version many features available compare as the original version of this game. I suggest if you have original version so uninstall this version and download this Mod APK version. Then you will give the answer to your question.

Is this game free?

Yes, of course this is free for everyone and worldwide game.

Will it run in iOS?

No this mod is only for Android devices. But it is also available for iOS. Download this game and get the features or win the matches.

Is this anti-ban?

Yes, This Mod app is anti-ban. But I suggest to precautions to play this game without your original ID.

Leave a comment below to give your feedback about this Call of Duty MOD APK!



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