Best Apps for Learning German Easily

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We are fortunate – we live in an age of high technology, which significantly simplifies learning foreign languages. We have collected the most beneficial digital resources for those who want to learn German with tutors in the best traditions of the 21st century. You will find mobile apps, websites, and YouTube channels that will help you improve your German daily.


This application is free. The creators claim that it is designed in such a way as to make the most of “the full power of mobile devices and the human brain.” Indeed, Preply is one of the few programs with which you can not only learn new words but also hone your pronunciation by recording yourself on the built-in voice recorder. This feature is for correcting the accent. In the player mode, users record their speech and compare it with the pronunciation of the German speaker.


The application is suitable for learning German online from scratch. Training takes place in the form of a game. Here you can practice all aspects of the language: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The basic version of the application is free, and there is also a paid subscription with offline access and the ability to save your progress.

Deutsche Welle Learn German

Deutsche Welle offers lessons for levels A1-B1. Before starting classes, you can take a test to determine your status. Lessons consist of short videos and interactive activities to train listening comprehension, speaking, and vocabulary. The main grammar rules are presented separately. There is an option to select the application language (Russian, English, German, etc.). The application is entirely free. Also, various training materials are available on the Deutsche Welle website.

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The app is suitable for any language level. There are many ready-made lexical collections here, and you can create your cards and lists and train new words. The service is available not only in the application but also on the site of the same name. You will have access to your account from any device. Along with the free app, there is a premium account with offline access, an image upload option, and other features. A trial version of a paid account is available (you can use it for free for seven days).

Der Die Das

This application is suitable for those who have difficulty remembering German articles. With him, the painful memorization of pieces turns into an exciting game. The app is ideal for both beginner and advanced levels. Der Die Das works without an internet connection. The only negative is that the explanations are given only in English. For a practical study, the free version is enough.


The online service and mobile application allow you to learn words, formulas, terms, and much more in a playful way. With Memrise, you can also practice pronunciation and listening comprehension. A paid subscription is required for full access to courses.


Next Drops. Drops allow us to learn several languages, but there is an individual application for each. With a very visual and beautiful GUI, it will help us to know. We will also have a vocabulary divided into different categories such as colors, animals, houses, etc. In this way, you can learn step by step.

Hello Talk

We can memorize and train words, watch TV shows and do exercises for them, but no one has canceled the development of conversational (written and oral) skills. Hello Talk is a social network where people look for “pen pals” to help them practice a foreign language. Of course, if you want to learn more about the language, it is better to look for native speakers because some nuances cannot be learned from textbooks.

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LEO Dictionary

LEO Dictionary is a multilingual dictionary. Supports multiple languages, including English, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Russian, and more. The app translates between all supported languages. It has tables of nouns and verbs, accurate pronunciation of words, and even German courses for travelers and beginners. 


Tandem is very similar to HelloTalk. He uses a progressive, social learning style. You and the other person come together and teach each other your languages. This app has audio and video calls, text, audio, and picture messages. It also features text correction, translation, and more. Like HelloTalk, we recommend a secondary learning experience. Combine it with something like Memrise or Duolingo for a powerful language learning tool.

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