10 Top APK Download Sites Free For Android [Safe Use]

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If you’re thinking about downloading an app, it is logical that you immediately go to the most popular retailers and app repositories. Google Play for Android App Store for iOS. We all believe that Google Play is the only option for downloading a particular application. But, there are instances where Play Store does not allow users to download the apps you would like. This is why, in this article, we’re going to take a look at the best APK download Websites. Therefore, stay tuned!

10 Top Rated APK Download Websites List

However, this goes deeper. Did you know there are other options for downloading apps? Do you know about them? The server is not working. Perhaps the application isn’t compatible with your area or doesn’t conform to the requirements of your country. Do you have a plan for where to go? There are still some places that you can try to test them.

1. Amazon App Store

It’s close to Google Play Store in terms of its popularity. However, it is without a doubt that it is among the most popular and financially supported stores.


In the app store, you will discover various Android apps similar to those available on the Play Store. In addition, sections are categorized to enhance the ability to find them using filters.

It has nearly as many advantages as Google Play Store. This is why it could be an ideal alternative for you!

2.APK Mirror

APKMirror is among the most downloaded app download sites among users who stay up to current. This is because APK is still updated with the most recent versions of the apps. Sometimes, they are uploaded to Google Play after they have uploaded the app to this platform.

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The only downside is that it doesn’t come with an official app. Users can, however, use their website. The site is highly elegantly designed and is very easy to navigate and navigate.


If you’ve searched for a specific app, a list will be displayed with different application versions in chronological order, as seen in the above image. This way, you will be able to go to the webpage of the text you’d like to download, click and begin using the app.


It’s among the most popular apps on the internet, and the numbers prove it. It is home to more than 395,000 registered developers as well as more than 2.5 billion users. Moreover, this platform is not just with Android but also works with iOS.


GetJar comes with its system of rewards and its virtual currency called known as ‘GetJar Gold’. Each time you download an application, you’ll earn a coin. Once you’ve got a few available, you can download an application that is a premium “paying” using these coins.


If you’re in search of premium apps for no cost, App Brain is an excellent choice. The creators of the paid applications make their apps accessible for free for a brief period on this website.


This platform includes both a mobile app as well as a web-based site for user access. It’s also designed differently. If you wish to download a request straight from App Brain, it will redirect users through Google Play. To download the same app, you must be registered.

5. Aptoide

Aptoide is also extremely popular among Google Play Store users as the possibilities of finding free apps that are paid for are much better than AppBrain. In addition, Aptoide’s Aptoide interface is flawless both on its website and within the app itself.

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The app has been developed following Google standards. As a result, the experience is nearly similar to that of the Google Play Store itself. Google Play Store itself.

Once you have installed it, you’ll receive an initial screen that includes instructions for getting started with the program’s features. This option contains claims that haven’t been tested previously in Google Play.

6. F-Droid

F-Droid is an online store designed exclusively with Android. Its functionality is similar to Google Play. However, it does have an additional feature: It includes only free and open-source software. In addition, the search can be performed via the website and within the application.


The platform will update your apps. Additionally, the site offers the sources for all downloadable applications. Another benefit of F-Droid can be that it does need registration.

The app repository is made up of three tabs

A list of all available applications.

– A list of installed applications.


7. Appolicious

It’s not all intended to run on Android. Appolicious is heaven for iOS users who have a massive variety of apps. It is among the most sought-after alternative download services for iPhone or other Apple devices.

But, Appolicious does not close doors to anybody. Android clients can access their apps through this channel.

Every day, the application releases ten new apps that you can download. As with the other apps, it provides suggestions based on your preferences and how you move.


SlideMe is another website that offers many paid and free Android applications. It has a beautiful interface that lets you browse through various categories.

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You can also look through the comments posted by the community, an ideal method to learn the opinions of other users when you are unsure.

9. Opera Mobile Store

Opera is among the most frequently used browsers and is only second to Chrome or Firefox in usage. First, however, we’ll tell you about the download channel for apps that is a part of the Opera browser. For access to this channel, it must only access it via the browser as it is not accessible through other media.

Although it could affect its user’s experience, the catalogue records the experience. You can search for programs in Opera Mini’s browser Opera Mini ‘and install them by pressing the download button.

10. Mobomarket

MoboMarket offers an alternative app in the Google Play store. It is a result of having excellent free or trial versions available for download. In addition, it is the sole responsibility of Google. At present, this channel is used by over 100 million people.


Many other stores can include in the listing. This guide has focused on providing the user with the same experience and security as Google Play Store. We’ve come to the end of our top Apk download sites list. Please leave an update if you find that there are better alternatives than these!

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