10 Free Apps to Jumpstart Your Small Business

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10 Free Apps to Jumpstart Your Small Business

Small company owners are always on the go, whether they’re at a conference or meeting, a networking event or a speaking engagement, on a construction site, working from home, or at the office. Small company mobile applications may help you stay organised and on top of things while also increasing productivity.

All of the small business mobile apps listed here are free, and they assist with a variety of duties such as payroll, project management, payment processing, marketing, customer management, mileage monitoring, and more. Visit here

Plus, unless otherwise stated, all of the business applications featured here are compatible with both iOS and Android.

We’ll go through the following topics in this article:

  1. Gusto
  2. Scanner App
  3. Square
  4. Wunderlist
  5. LinkedIn
  6. PicMonkey
  7. Shopventory
  8. TripIt
  9. MileIQ
  10. Contxts

1. Gusto

Gusto might be a lifesaver for small business owners that have a crew to manage. Gusto is a robust mobile app that manages payroll, benefits, and taxes all in one place.

It assists in the onboarding of new employees, reports new hires to the government, manages all federal, state, and local taxes, deducts workers’ compensation payments and deductions automatically, and emails pay stubs to employees.

For the first month, this app is free.

2. Scanner Application

This small business software allows you to email papers and forms on the fly. It takes a picture of the document and saves it as a PDF or JPEG. You may combine many photographs into a single document and even add a signature.

The Scanner App is only available for iOS, so if you prefer Android, you may use CamScanner.

3. Square

Right now, Square is the most popular payment app for small businesses. Square will assist small companies such as beauty salons, retail stores, and food trucks.

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Square is a free app that allows you to swipe credit cards and comes with a free reader. This little reader connects to your phone or other device and allows you to quickly and effortlessly process payments.

A 2.75 percent fee is applied to all credit card transactions.You’ll have to pay extra for a contactless and chip card reader.  Visit here

Square Register is a point-of-sale system from the same firm that you may use if you run your own store. The hardware, on the other hand, isn’t cheap.

4. Wunderlist

Don’t waste your time with sophisticated small company administration software. Wunderlist is a basic yet powerful to-do list. It’s a to-do list that you may distribute to your coworkers. It syncs automatically, allowing your staff to see which tasks have been completed and which are still outstanding.

Wunderlist’s basic version is available for free. Wunderlist for Business costs $4.99 per user and allows you to assign tasks to staff, create subtasks, set deadlines and reminders, and keep track of notes.

5. LinkedIn

You undoubtedly already have this corporate networking platform installed on your PC, but the app is well worth the download. LinkedIn is a strong marketing tool, and you’ll probably use it more now that you have the app.

Send updates on the move, make new contacts, employ new people, follow inspiring businesses and individuals, and keep an eye on your rivals.

6. PicMonkey

Small business owners can easily create a social media presence with this free picture editing program.Crop photographs for social networking networks such as Instagram or alter a photo for your website. It’s an excellent tool for small-business marketing.

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PicMonkey requires no prior graphic design knowledge to modify photographs. It’s a very user-friendly programme with capabilities that allow you to quickly create professional-looking images. Just a heads up: premium features are available for a monthly fee of $4.99.

7. Shopventory

Shopventory is an amazingly easy solution with extensive inventory management features for small businesses with inventory. Profit margins, geographical comparisons, and sales patterns are all things to consider.

Shopventory will show you which items aren’t selling well so you can discount them and avoid having to refill them. It also sends you a notification if it detects theft. Small company owners may use the app to keep track of their inventory. It’s unquestionably one of the best inventory management tools for small businesses.

Shopventory does not have its own payment processing system, but it does interface with Square, Shopify, PayPal Here, and other similar platforms.

A basic package is free for one company location. Monthly subscriptions begin at $29 per month.

8. TripIt

TripIt is a lifesaver for small company owners that take a lot of business travel. TripIt gathers all of your trip information and notifies you of any flight changes. It may be able to assist you in finding an alternative flight and obtaining the best seat.

Send your itinerary to TripIt, and it will automatically update your trip schedule across all of your devices. You can also view your itinerary offline if you are travelling outside of the country and do not want to pay roaming fees.

TripIt offers a free basic account, while the Pro edition costs $49 per year.

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9. MileIQ

MileIQ isn’t flashy, but it does its job. This free mileage tracker software allows you to log up to 40 journeys each month in various automobiles. Trips can be classified as personal or business-related, and if you’re an employee, you can add comments.

MileIQ also estimates how much you can deduct on your taxes for each trip—the average MileIQ customer deducts more than $6,500 per year.The IRS now allows you to deduct 54.5 cents per mile driven for business travel as of January 1, 2018.

You may also import your data and add your travels to your expenditure reports using MileIQ’s FreshBooks integration. This makes reporting your mileage and obtaining a tax deduction a breeze.

Upgrade to the premium version to monitor an infinite number of journeys. It costs $5.99 per month, or $4.99 per month if you subscribe for a year.

10. Contxts

Business cards are inconvenient. They’re expensive, inconvenient to carry about, and the information is frequently outdated.

Contxts is a business networking programme that allows you to communicate information that would normally be found on a business card as a text message. You may either text or bump the recipient’s phone. You may also ask your contact to send a text message to 50500 with your account name, and your information will be instantly texted back to them.

You may also export your contacts and include links to your company’s website, LinkedIn profile, social media pages, and other websites in your contact data.

Except for any SMS charges from your service provider, Contxts is completely free to use. It’ll work on any phone, including those that aren’t smartphones.

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